Hi, I'm Kristy 🙂

image of Kristine Sarah blowing a bubble in a field
Hi! I’m Kristy – your friendly neighborhood Manitoba photographer!
I’m a born and raised Interlake-r that loves to be outside. If I’m not hanging out in the garden I’m likely with my pupper somewhere on an adventure. I’m loud and a little crazy and I’m excited for us to be friends!
I’m passionate about capturing your memories in the places and with the people (or furry friends) that are important to you. I think that having your photos taken should be a memory in itself and I strive to give you an experience makes you look at the photos you have framed from our session and think about how your smile is genuine because we were having such a good time. 
I want to show the world the real you and believe that being “unphotogenic” is a myth like the Loch Ness monster or “good potato salad” (more on that later). 
I love that you’ve made it this far in my bio and I appreciate you sticking around! I hope that you’re here because you realize that you like my energy, love my photos and realize we’ve got lots in common!

Why Should We Work Together?

In case you weren't convinced - here are some fun facts:

– I live for my pets especially my dog Rocky and my horse Prince.

– I’m an emergency manager by day and I’m passionate about helping the next generation find their way in the industry. 

– Cotton candy is my kryptonite. 

– You name it I can bake it – but my go-to is the chocolate chip cookie recipe I still have from 8th grade home ec. 

–  I own +75 houseplants. 

– My dream is to go to Norway to see the reindeer!

– I have a deep dislike for potato salad – potatoes are meant to be warm or crunchy not cold and covered in dressing. 

Thanks so much for visiting my website! I can’t wait to connect with you and hear all about your photo ideas and become new friends 🙂
Kristy Smiling